The Shapes of Memory Loss

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Shapes of Memory Loss Cover Art: Untitled Watercolor, © 2010 Aviva Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Cover Design by Kim Cinko.

Term: 2013
Published: March 26, 2013
Revised: June 5, 2015

“Shapes of Memory Loss” is a collection of poetry, fiction, and narrative written by and about people with cognitive impairment or dementia.  The authors, all affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System, come forward to share their personal experience as they “navigate this unknown territory”.  These pieces offer the reader a view into the often isolated and not fully understood journey that those with memory loss and cognitive impairment are on. The material serves as an educational and support tool for anyone who has been touched by dementia, memory loss, and other related disorders.  Healthcare professionals will gain information and insight about these disorders presented from the perspective of patients and families affected by them.

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About the Creators

Nan Barbas, MD, MSW, is the Director of the Cognitive Disorders Program, Department of Neurology, at the University of Michigan Health System.

Laura Rice-Oeschger, MA, LMSW, is the Wellness Coordinator at the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center and a consultant and facilitator at the U-M Silver Club Memory Loss Programs, a division of the U-M Geriatrics Center.

Cassie Starback, LMSW, is the Administrator for the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Department of Neurology, at the University of Michigan Health System.