Fundamental Skills: Introduction to PowerPoint 2010

Term: 2011
Published: November 17, 2011
Revised: June 9, 2015

This HIBB begins with explaining the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, including how to start a new presentation, open an existing presentation, and save a presentation. It discusses the Ribbon toolbar and how to use it. The HIBB gives the viewer an introduction to many customizing options PowerPoint has available. The HIBB concludes with describing how to view outlines, print handouts, and view the slideshow. 


Project: Global Health Informatics Partnership


Authors: Jessica Cote and Pete Hanke

Learning Objectives
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01: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Learning Objectives and Detailed Specifications
Jessica Cote
Pete Hanke
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At the end of this HIBB, students will be able to create a slideshow presentation with many customized features including but not limited to formatting fonts and pictures, inserting images, tables, and hyperlinks, and adding slide designs and transitions. Students will be able to view the slideshows they create and print the presentation handouts. 

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