An Introduction to Bioinformatics

Term: 2011
Published: November 17, 2011
Revised: June 9, 2015

This HIBBs presentation provides background information on bases, amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, and DNA. The presentation then explains what bioinformatics is, lists some examples, and demonstrates some tools. It demonstrates tools which compare parts of human and chimp genes, and illustrates drug resistance analysis and HIV subtype analysis.  It then discusses some ethical and clinical aspects to bioinformatics.


Project: Global Health Informatics Partnership


Author: Yashik Singh

Learning Objectives
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01: Introduction to Bioinformatics - Learning Objectives and Detailed Specifications Yashik Singh external_link icon AttributionShare Alike

• Know what the field of bioinformatics encompasses and why the field is important
• Review examples of bioinformatics applications
• Understand sequencing and the uses of sequencing

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