Leadership and Management: Managing Change in Healthcare IT Implementations

Term: 2011
Published: November 17, 2011
Revised: June 9, 2015

Managing Change in Healthcare Implementations: an Introduction was created for managers preparing to implement health information and communication technology (HICT) systems in their organizations—hospitals, clinics, or government departments. The module presents a framework for understanding how HICT implementations affect organizations and individual workers and shares basic information on how to manage change to an organization so as to promote a positive outcome, and how to avoid the pitfalls that occur. 


Project: Global Health Informatics Partnership


Author: Sherrilynne Fuller


Learning Objectives
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01: Managing Change in Healthcare IT Implementations - Learning Objectives and Detailed Specifications Sherrilynne Fuller external_link icon AttributionShare Alike

Describe at least four effects of introducing information technology into a group or organization; define change management and describe why it is important to health information system implementation success; describe three key ways of preparing a group or organization for change; and identify at least four elements critical to successful management of change. 

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