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African Health Open Educational Resources (OER) Network

The University of Michigan Medical School and Dental School collaborate with African health science institutions to develop and distribute health educational materials. The resources developed are made available under various Creative Commons licenses so that they can be used, copied, adapted, integrated, and shared worldwide. Our goal is to advance health care education in Africa by using open educational resources (OER) to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and build communities of practice around healthcare education. Through this project, the collaborators work to draft institutional OER policies, develop and implement OER production processes, and co-create health educational materials. Supported primarily by the Hewlett Foundation, the project began in 2008 with institutions in Ghana and South Africa but we continue to draw in more African participants with the goal of building a continent-wide Network

The OER created as part of this initiative are hosted locally by the producing institutions as well as through the OER Africa (primary ) and Open.Michigan websites.

Questions? Contact Open.Michigan's Project Manager for the African Health OER Network at kludewig AT

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