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OERca2 planning


OERca2 Current Design Documents

General Interface Concept

Interaction Scenarios

OERca2 User Actions/Functionality

Functionality Questions - from the August 28 meeting

Version 2 proposal and requirements

OERca Version 2 User Interface and Technical Proposals

Proposed Version 2 Functionality - December 2008

OERca v1 Functionality (current and proposed - this is somewhat outdated Pieter 18:29, 12 December 2008 (UTC))

Usability testing and planning

User Scenarios - who might need software support and what support they might need

October 17 through November 17- Survey/Questionnaire and interview protocol development

  • An online survey will be developed and sent to all OERca users. The goal of the survey will be to obtain general OERca feedback that could be useful in Version 2 development, but also to obtain data related to content organization and personal information management which will be necessary for applying the "bin" metaphor to version 2.
  • Interview questions and tasks geared at understanding content management in the dScribe context will be developed.

November 17 through December 1- Survey with dScribes and other users

  • Data from the survey will be collected and interpreted
  • Interviews/testing with dScribes will be scheduled

December 1-15- Interviews/card sorting/ talk aloud observations with dScribes

  • The interviews and testing will take place, as a report of the findings is prepared and presented for application to version 2 development

Framework Comparisons

Some of the reasoning why the people at COSL (eduCommons) used Plone/Zope/Python instead of MySQL/PHP. [1]

TurboGears framework [2]

Javascript Libraries

Comparison of common Javascript libraries [3]

CO Architecture

Flickr Architecture Document [4]

Items to research

  • OpenOffice.org api http://api.openoffice.org/
    • Detecting embedded content e.g. images, videos, sound (Content Objects) and noting the page number, size, location of CO on page. Attempting to extract line-art on top of images along with the image would be great.
    • Creating context images from Powerpoint/OpenOffice Impress.
    • Working with PDF edit plugin http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/pdfimport to see if we can import and edit PDFs this way.
    • Extracting text from files and integrating with indexing service.
  • Doc decomp optimization and refinement
    • Decomp multiple docs in parallel.
    • Investigate filters for other document types.
    • Add text extraction.
  • Web Service frameworks. Wrap the current doc-decomp with some sort of web framework so decomp jobs can be dispatched to the service and done asynchronously. Ideally the framework generated should be RESTful. A list of frameworks is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Web_service_Frameworks
  • Document text indexing. Linked to and possibly dependent on decomp.
  • Crawling sites for import to OERca.
    • COs present in sites.
    • Textual content.
    • Interpet Javascript and follow there.
    • Investigate dynamic pages.
  • Content packaging formats.
    • IMS Content Package. Particularly see how to bridge OERca/OERca2 and eduCommons.
    • IMS Common Cartridge.
  • Make Plone product from Kathleen/Piet's eduCommons UI work so it can be easily installed instead of having to import and edit numerous files.
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