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January 19, 2017
By Author:
Jeff Bennett

Last week we brought up a few questions about the ways our work can impact the larger Open Education space. Namely:

  1. How can we best support interested faculty in a demanding academic environment?

  2. Given that time to reach out to our prestigious faculty is always limited, how can we let faculty who may be interested in OER, but who haven’t heard about our services, know we exist across campus?


To answer some of those questions, we have been reaching out to our faculty contributors to interview them about their past experiences with Open Michigan and ask how we can better serve them. Over the next several months we will be sharing some of the results of these conversations here. There are a few key questions that we hope to understand from our faculty in these hour long interviews:

  • What motivates faculty to share resources with Open Michigan?

  • What value do faculty see in return for sharing these resources?

  • What are some of the challenges faculty have experienced when sharing resources in the past that projects like Open Michigan can assist with?

  • How best can we keep faculty informed of the popularity of their material? Are there interesting metrics faculty think about when looking into Open Educational Resources?


While we aren’t conducting this as a formal research study, if you are interested in a copy of our interview protocol we are happy to share it, just ask!

What we learn will improve our understanding of Open Pedagogy on our campus.

Additionally, we are improving the metrics that we provide to our faculty members using analytics, but more on that next week!


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